Debt Justice Norway

Debt Justice Norway is a network organization with 37 member organizations. Together we work for debt cancellation and a more just international financial architecture. Debt cancellation is not about charity – it’s about justice.

We work for:

  1. Immediate cancellation of all illegitimate debt, and all debt that cannot be paid without compromising fundamental human rights.
  2. That conditionalities that undermine democratic processes must not be attached to debt cancellation agreements or new loans.
  3. That guidelines for responsible finance must apply to all types of lending

Contact us

photo of Julie Rødje

Julie Rødje

Mobil: +47 41304335
Twitter: @slettgjelda
photo of Thea Sofie Rusten Grastveit
Policy Adviser :

Thea Sofie Rusten Grastveit

Mobil: +47 980 39 330
Twitter: @slettgjelda


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